The Hidden Hero of Kaziranga NP:: Ganesh Rabha

             I have recently visited Kaziranga National Park. During my visit, I met some forest guard who extraordinary and dare-devil to do any work. I met Ganesh Rabha at Central Range (Kohora)  of Kaziranga NP. He has been working as casual labor last 19 years at Kaziranga.  He is one of dedicated forest person. During our discussion, he shared some heroic incidence with wildlife of Kaziranga.
          A couple of years back Ganesh was busy with other colleagues on patrolling track clearings work inside the park. Suddenly, he observed two Asiatic black bear (Selenarctos thibetanus) Cubs roaming around him. So he cautiously observing them and took safe (!) shelter under a Bombax tree. He was the little bit frightened because his all other colleagues move forward. They even not noticed the presence of bear cubs in their vicinity.  He was observing the situation silently. He was so unfortunate that mother of the bear cubs taking naps over the same tree he stayed.  Bear cubs mother might observe his movement from the top of tree. Suddenly the aggressive mother jumped over him. Ganesh and huge bear tumbled over the grassland. She bites with sharp teeth over Ganesh's head and right arm.  With sharp claws, adult female bear tearing different part of his body. But Ganesh was fighting with full of energy. He gave heavy punch over the angry adult bear and uttered loudly. Then his colleague got information about that incident. They came and chased away bear mother and cubs. Ganesh was bleed heavily and became unconscious. They managed to carry unconscious Ganesh to Hospital. He spent almost 3 months at the hospital and again return to his most favorite place Kaziranga.
Ganesh loves rhino and Kaziranga and will continue his conservation support till he able to do. I wish him safe and secure future for Ganesh.