Revival Story of Fatemabad Tea Estates

A group of women worker busy on plucking tea leaves 
The Fatemabad Tea Estate  is one of the oldest tea estates in Assam. It is situated at Bansbari range of Manas National Park. The Tea Estate was originally set up by the Britishers somewhere between late 19th century. The Tea Estate covers an area of  700 acres. And is a very suitable place for tea plantation with good quality and quantity produce. The ownership of the Tea Estate was transferred from British to the Nawab of Bengal in 1924. The factory was set up by the Nawab after he bought it from the British. He  named this Park as ‘Fatembad’ after the name of his only  lovable daughter ‘Fatema’.
A peacock inside Tea Estate
Now Fatemabad is one of the busiest and profit making tea estate in Assam. But this estate has  overcome many turmoil  in the last couples of decades. It was about to be  closed during the period of social unrest of ninety decades. During that period  condition of the garden grew worse. Tea cultivation is labor intensive,so thousands of family were  dependent on the well being of the estate. Unfortunately, during that period of social unrest,  entire worker families spent very miserable life. Without work,  poor workers had nothing in their possession even for mere survival. Their condition detoriated so much that there were incidences of few dying of hunger and disease. There were incidences when the workers worked in the villages also in return to a plate of meal. The loss of job led to loss of humanity and morality of the once peaceful and understanding residents of the Tea Estate.
Two women busy on plucking tea leaves
There were many more ups and downs in the  history associated with Fatemabad. Its history seems to be similar with  that of Manas National Park. Revival of  Fatemabad is seen in parallel to the  national park. Now the  tea estate is  promoting Tea Tourism along with  the Wildlife Tourism of Manas. Park and Tea Estate Authority  have  extended support as per need. Workers groups are  even supporting different conservation activities of Park. Whenever rhinos stray inside the estate, tea workers support us even at midnight to push  the  rhinos back inside the park boundary.

Fatemabad tea estate  is providing  a buffer protection zone for wildlife of Bansbari range. As a result  there are no intense human wildlife conflict situation in and around Bansbari. I expect a bright future of the Tea Estate and the people associated with it.
Fatemabad Tea Estate


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