Kitchen of Forest Camps:: Manas National Park

Patrolling Staff Busy to Track Rhino 

It is interesting to write about kitchen and cooking practices of forest guards deep inside the forest. Usually, they prepare traditional mud stoves for cooking. They used fire wood as fuel. Sometime dry leaves, dry grasses also used as kitchen fuel. They used minimum utensils and storage items. Each one of camp member used their effort to collect fire wood for their kitchen. Fire wood carried their own or sometimes they used camped elephant to pull fire wood to their camp. During summer it is most difficult to collect firewood so they collected entire stocks of fire wood in the dry season.
A Forest Guard Prepare his meal 

They purchased rations weekly basis. One or two person moved outside from the camp with elephant  or bicycle and purchased necessary items for all of them. Sometime they collected wild vegetables, leaves to cook. Sometime they catches fish nearby river or streams. But this is not regular practice. Almost all forest camps cook meat every Sunday. They buy meat from Sunday weekly market. Each member of camp helped each other on cooking.  However each camp selected their own   head cook for regular cooking practices. Almost all anti-poaching camps have small kitchen garden for seasonal vegetables. 

Hot water Kettle in front of mud strove

I will write many more interesting things on Forest Guards life near future. But kitchen is still a rudimentary practice. For better patrolling inside jungle this practice has to improve. Look forward for your kind response.