Livestock Vaccination

WWF-India, WTI, ATREE, Manas Park Authority, Aaranyak, MEWS, Manas Bhuyanpara Conservation and Ecotourism Society , United Social Welfare Society , Blue Cross Society of Assam, College of Veterinary Science Khanapara  actively associate to  accomplished first phase of Livestock Vaccination  program at fringe of  Bansbari and Bhuyanpara range  of Manas National Park on 19th and 20th March,2016 .  During this program, 1600 livestock  were vaccinated from 296 households covering 14 fringe villages.

The entire team Member

Dr.(Prof) K.K Sarmah, Dr. Bhaskar Choudhury, Deba Kr. Dutta and other Team Member

Livestock Vaccination 

Elephant Health Chek Up

In addition, veterinary teams checked up health condition of  park patrolling elephants' and arranged interaction program among partners. 

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