FM radios, Manas National Park and Conservation

Guys with FM Radio
In this digital, radios are often forgotten and discarded medium of communication. But in most of the households of rural Assam, radio is an integral part of the day to day life. My mother cannot even imagine her life without her radio and her routine is intertwined with radio's programs.

As the time has passed, radios have also evolved and FM bands are becoming quite popular among the youth. This has brought back radios albeit in a new avatar.                

People use FM radios very much in the fringe of Manas NP. FM radio is the only source of entertainment to teenage and youth.They are very fond of all types of the entertainment programs.  Here are some snapshots where the youth can be seen with their radios listening to favorite programs.

If we can utilize this medium to spread awareness among people about conservation of nature, it will be great for our wild. May I request local FM radio stations from Guwahati, Assam to spread some conservation messages on regular basis.
           These teenage are almost illiterate or early drop out from schools. Daily labor, cattle driving is only source of  livelihood to them. If we can plan some activities for these remote villages along with their FM interest  it will be great in influencing the conservation of Manas NP as well as living standard of poor fringe young fellows.

Myself with some such teenage at the Kahibari area