December at Manas National Park

Wild flowers blooming in December 
I love this quarter of the year. Fall and winter gives us more reason to cuddle! But as an active wildlife biologist, I hardly get time to enjoy the wintery mornings at home. As the winter means on-season to wildlife activities, I get to spend more time amidst wild than under a comforter. 

To be honest, I love Manas in winters. Morning dews, blue open sky, fallen tree leaves and golden brown grassland give extraordinary beauty to Manas in the month of December. In December, Manas gets ready for new visitors shedding its shabby summer look. Controlled grassland burning process started to open up mysterious treasure to all. Big mammals like Wild Elephants, Rhinoceros, Gaur, and Wild Buffalos can be easily visible deep inside.

 Mathanguri get the especial attraction with splendid beauty of morning and evening breeze.  The river Beki is now shallow and agile with winter migratory birds.  Finally, I can tell you Manas is now readyto open up its mysterious treasure for the rest of dry season.

So I can tell...
Your memories snow falling weather 
My heartburn inside 
I decide to live alone
But fail to pass December!!!

Do visit Manas to fall in love in the month of December !!!

Foggy morning

Herd of Water Buffalo