Encroachment and conservation in Manas National Park

Men make boundaries and barricades around their physical establishment i.e. home. Unfortunately, we have also demarcated boundaries for wildlife. Wild animals don't know physical boundaries. They are not limited to areas demarcated by us as Protected Areas. As we, humans are more and more limiting their spaces, it has resulted in human-wildlife conflict. These conflicts are not limited to adjacent areas of PAs but now it has spread to areas far away from the protected area.

As we are clearing more and forest for our habitat, it has intrigued the extinction of much exotic wildlife from the earth's face. We are also a part of nature and we need to follow natural rules and regulations for the betterment of only living planet in our solar system.

Fragile Habitat of  Bhuyanpara, Manas National Park

Manas ecosystem provides invaluable service to the betterment of humankind and that yet to analyze properly. Maximum people around the Manas are very cooperative for the conservation of fragile landscape. I know poverty,  illiteracy area some major problems of remote villages adjacent to Manas.  These social problems instigate some villagers to destroy an elusive creature of Manas and encroachment their habitat.  Some shortsighted person led this kind of activities for their own benefit and greed which resulted in breaking the park-people cooperation.

Manas has been suffering decadelong encroachment problem in Panbari (Western range) and Bhuyanpara( Eastern range). This encroachment resulted in destroying more than hundred square kilometers of terai-bhabar grassland habitat till now. Gradually this encroachment is increasing and pushing wildlife like pygmy hog, Bengal florican, swamp deer and other big mammals.

The park authority has taken strong action to evict these illegal encroachers from today onwards to free up these lands for wildlife under banner of Wild Life Protection Act. I hope people will cooperate with park authority in this operation.

Pure grassland is the home of elusive creatures of Manas. Ecosystem services of this habitat to humankind is invaluable

We have more option to live in our life. We can address adjacent people poverty with our government  schemes for poverty alleviation. But if we destroy Manas Habitat, we not only destroy the home for wildlife but we will be depriving invaluable Ecosystem Services of Manas for our coming generations.

Love Manas and Save Manas for Human Kind!!

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