We still miss you, Iragdao!

A Tribute to   Rhino-2 (Iragdao)

Iragdao (Rhino2) at Manas NP (2011)

Rhino2 popularly known as Iragdao ( the name  was given by  Rhino Monitoring Team Bansbari range) at Manas National Park. It was  among first batch of rhinos translocated to Manas under IRV 2020. It was translocated from Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary on 12th April,2008. 

I have thousands of stories associated with this magnificent animal.  I monitored this fellow with radio-telemetry system on day and night. I still remember tracking it from Bhatgahali, Katajhar, Kahibari, Rupahi, Digjhari areas around 2:00-4:00am with other field colleagues. Those moments were hard, tiresome but full of enthusiasm. I missed Late Daneswar Das, Late Bariqul Islum, Lt British Barman and many more. 

This rhino established its home range in between Bansbari and Bhuyanpara range. It often strayed outside of the park and raided the paddy adjacent field. On 1st September 2008, it strayed outside and reached Rangia under the district of Kamrup, Assam. We were behind the rhino for 15 days trying to recapture. After that tiresome follow up, we were able to recapture it with support of  thousand local villagers.  Later, we released this male rhino within a enclosure. It was again released free after 9 months of captive life. Thereafter, R2 perfectly established its territory at Manas. It also associated with other female rhinos translocated from Pobitora and Kaziranga. As a result of association with other female rhinos they increase rhino population in Manas. We feel proud when female rhinos started breeding in association with  R2. Unfortunately, cruel poachers killed this majestic male on 13th January,2013. 

This is the fourth year we spent without you. You created a history for Manas and humankind . May your soul rest in heaven!!


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