Evening Market (Gadhulir Bazar) near Manas National Park

Evening markets (Bazar) are the mirrors of Manas village life. These are most charming and lively places of Manas. This is also a place of day to day social gathering and contributed a lot to the uplift of the local economy. 

These markets usually open early in the morning and remain open until late afternoon. After 5:00 pm, all markets become lively till late evening. Here permanent shops are operated by male owner and temporary shops belong to village women. Some markets are 90% women dominated. They are very pretty and offers their item like your friend. They commonly sell vegetables, different types of medicinal herbs, banana, chilly powder, and local spices. They also sell dry fishes, snails, crabs, and some edible insects or whichever available and eatable in their locality. The price of each item is very less. For 250 gm of vegetable, they charge you just Rs. 5 (Five Rupees Only). Five rupees vegetable item is common in all evening markets.  Every evening, they earn  Rs 200-300/- and which is enough to buy their daily household need. But permanent shops earn more than that. They are more organized in their business. 

Around the world, lots of things have happened to the economy. Sometimes it rises and someday crashed but here you saw same price same items for several years or maybe forever. Some such markets situated on Indian and Bhutan international border and both countries people visit these places.

During summer, villagers are customarily busy in their paddy fields and so most of the villagers are unable to visit the evening markets. They visit weekly markets to buy their household needs. These markets are more lively in autumn, and dry season ( December, January, and February). During the dry period, some tourists also visit to buy local produce.

These markets are managed by respective managing committees. This is an elected body and at every 2-3 years, these committees are renewed by a proper electoral process. Market managing committee is responsible for managing the entire market process on daily basis. They collect minimum toll from each businessman and that amount is used for market development and other welfare activities. They also provide a low-interest financial loan to needy businessmen.

There is no fancy restaurant with furnished rooms and lighting. But you can find good Samosa, Malpowa ( items made from atta) and milk tea as well as local sweets. You can also find seasonal fruits, roasted potato, and tapioca if you know where to look.

These markets contributed a lot to conservation activity of Manas. They periodically arrange audio-visual wildlife film show and talk show for common customers. Committees prohibit the sell of any wildlife produce or wildlife meat etc in markets premises. These contribution help lot on conservation activity of Manas. I would like to personally recommend every tourist to visit these Evening Markets (Gadhulir Bazar) near Manas National Park and have the real taste of villages near this World Heritage Site.