Let's Conserve Manas One & All!

A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise (Aldo Leopold)

There are thousand of dreams to preserve Manas as one of the best resourceful, beautiful places of the earth. It is not an easy task. I also dream for better Manas for our future generation. I believe -" If someone keeps searching for everything beautiful in this world that person eventually becomes it". I have seen some young force of Assam working very hard for conservation activities of Manas. They are from some reputed NGO and self-interested naturalist, villagers, tourist as well as government officials. This united force has contributed a lot to the betterment of this fragile landscape. Due to this effort, Manas have been reviving and we are getting the result one after another. 

Under the stewardship of park authority, tiger and its prey monitoring exercise is progressed with camera traps. Recently one of camera trap at Panbari photographed Spotted Deer (Axis axis) after 20 years. This is the first camera trap evidence of Spotted deer existence in the Manas Landscape in recent past. Though it was recorded the past but no one was able to get live shots of this elusive creature inside  Manas. I am happy to see the return of this species naturally. Now it is time to improve protection, habitat and do research on this species so that it lives properly. We need much more information on this species so it may be a good research topic for young researchers. So do contribute to the conservation of Manas.

Love Manas and Conserve it for human kind.