Everything I do, I do it for you......!

As a professional wildlife biologist, I need to spend most of my time inside the forest, away from my better half. I get to live in beautiful places where romantic couple wishes to spend their moments. Due to professional responsibilities,  it is not possible to bring my family with me and it hurt sometimes to be so alone in such beautiful places.

I am a very family person but my passion for saving our wild has compelled me to remain away from you for longer periods. But my love, do not despair at all. Your support has given me strength to keep my passion alive. I carry you every minute in my heart. I carry our baby every second in my heart. You two are my inspiration and fuel to keep me going.

Although I am far away, every time I think of you I catch my breath.  I wish "blow 'O' wind to where my loved one is....touch her and come touch me soon. I will feel her beauty in the moon". 

We both have sacrificed our togetherness for a greater cause and one day our children would thank us for it. When our wild would be safe from encroachers, our wild animals from poachers, our sacrifice would be paid off. Till then, let us cherish what we have. You are my inspiration all of the time. When I hear your success and your name in the certain circle, it always makes me smile. I wish our love is our strength to do a greater cause.
My better half.. Puspanjalee

Last .... There's no love like your love 
             No other could give more love.
             There's nowhere unless 
             You're there all the time all the way....
              Look into your heart.............

                          Happy Valentine Day........!!!!!!!!!.