Kalij Pheasant

 Adult Male ( Kalij) Pheasant 

Kalij Pheasant (Lophura leucomelanos) is beautiful land bird found in the deep jungle of Manas. This bird is commonly sighted in Bansbari-Mathanguri road, Doimari- Bansbari road, Uchila-Katajhar road, Gabharukhunda areas of Panbari range. Sighting is very common early in the morning and afternoon on the road. Sometime it would blocked  road for motor vehicle and patrolling guards. 

A Male Pheasant 

A Female Pheasant

The habitat range of bird extends across the Himalayan foothills, Pakistan to western Thailand. Males are rather variable depending on subspecies characteristics but females are overall brownish. Both sexes have bare red faces with grayish legs.

A Group of Pheasant 

Kalij pheasant have good number of population in Manas. Hope this least concern beautiful bird will secure safe home in Manas.

               Love Manas and Save Manas For Humankind!!!