Spring Season is finally here at Manas

Palash ( Butea monosperma )

Spring season is finally here at Manas  . I love this season as it give me extra ordinary pleasure and a vivid feel deep inside my heart . The blossom of  flower, buzzing bees,butterflies, budding leaves, singing of brids and newly sprouted grasses  are some enchanting  spring events at Manas . I enjoyed the colours  and  frgannace of spring.  Bombax cieba (Simalo/cotton tree) and Butea monosperma (Palash) flowers sprinkle  reddish glaze in the sky. 

I usualy prefer to  walk early in the morning at  Pulsiguri and Kahibari area to listen birds songs and the beauty of morning sky. This act seems to be  filled up my inner side of heart. 

A wild orchid
This is the season  when I need to spend lots of time at the upstairs of Kuribeel and Rupahi camps. Nuptial flight of  Bengal Florican is a common sight there which is an awasome act by  male florican  to convey love and affection for female counterpart.  
Wild buffalo

                                    A adult female rhino on grazing

Big mammals like elephants, rhino, gaur, wild buffalo exhibit themselves at different parts of Manas. Large herds of elephants is very coomon sighting in Charfuli, Kanchanbari's lush green grasslnad areas . Large mammals are coomonly seen early in the morning and late afternoon to evening,   I love watching large gathering of Samber near Mathanguri during late evenining to midnight. It is an amazing experience to see hundreds of Samber gathering  every evening. They are  naturally  shy and keep away from human presence as usual but during this  period I have encountered them from close distance 5-6m from my vehicle since  several years.  

I suggested that this is the best time to visit and explore Manas. Come and explore this beauty!!