Congratulation to both of you for your five years anniversary at Manas NP

Rhino15(adult female)

R18(Adult male)
On occasion of your five years completion at Manas, I would like to congratulate both of you and pray almighty for your secure future.  R15 and R18 were translocated to Manas National Park from Kaziranga National Park, Assam on 12th March 2012. They were captured at Western Range (Bagori) on 11th March and was translocated to Manas on the same night. We took  10 hours to cover 250 distance from Kaziranga to Manas. It was the most auspicious moment I had ever experienced in my life. The entire process is like marriage party. Kaziranga as a donor (bride) and Manas as the recipient  (Groom). Lots of preparation, many formalities, and disciplines we followed to capture and translocated rhinos to Manas. We translocated the animals with a  great vision - Establishment of new rhino population at Manas under Indian Rhino Vision 2020. 

We captured R15 with her male calf R16 and R18 with his mother R17. Unfortunately, R15 lost her male calf and R18 lost his mother due to poaching in this period. But R15 and R18 established themselves in the new environment of Manas. R18 is now breeding age male and moving across the Manas. R15 gave birth to two calves during this period. First calf (R15A) is now subadult male and second one R15B two years old. 

The small rhino family of Manas needs extraordinary care and protection effort for their secure future. Because rhinos are the main catalyst for the revival of Manas and regain UNESCO World Heritage Site again. I wish all of my friends should support to conserve this threatened animal entire globe and more specifically in Manas.

Love Manas and Save Manas for Humankind!!!!