Elephant Bathing:: Amazing Moment to Enjoy

A wild elephant herd enjoying bath at Sikagonda River Bhuyanpara Manas 

Elephants are highly dependent on water not only for drinking but also for their skin and general hygiene. Wild elephants in Manas generally enjoy the daily bath at river Beki and other small streams.  But patrolling elephants of Manas get additional care from the Mahouts (Elephant driver). This is a regular and must have elephant care activity for Manas Elephants. They bath the elephant in river Beki or another suitable place nearby their anti-poaching camps as per their convenience. They use straw, dry grass, and some traditional medicines to wash the elephant skin. 
A Mahout is seen scrubbing one of the captive elephants during bath 

 Regular skin care gives elephant lots of relief from insects and different skin related diseases. Regular sessions of elephant baths also boost up Mahout and Elephant bonding. 


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