Temporary Patrolling Post ::Most Important Security Need for Wildlife

A staff vigil wildlife from a newly constructed temporary watch tower of Manas  

The temporary watch tower is an essential component of wildlife security in difficult areas of Manas. Some locations are vulnerable for wild animals. Usually, these areas are difficult to reach and difficult to construct the permanent patrolling post. Therefore, every year 10-15 temporary watchtowers are constructed at different locations with the support of local villagers. Indirectly, this work also provides additional income for villagers and helps them to involve directly in the conservation activities. These areas are so difficult that sometimes, the village labors have to carry construction item as well as to camp inside the forest with forest guards. For construction, we need 5-6 man days. The average height of watch tower is about 3.6m, and 0.46 square meter wide. Tower are constructed with wood, bamboo, and roofs with plain sheets or camouflaged tarpaulin. 

An elephant pulls wooden polls to watch tower construction site

Two labors are carrying bamboo sheets for construction of Temporary Watch Tower
Two people are carrying polls for machan

Wooden Planks are carried with difficulties to the construction sites

Lunch break of construction worker

Five villagers are busy in construction work of watch tower inside Manas