Participants of World Wildlife Day

On the mark of World Wildlife Day,(WWD) we organised awareness activities to aware about new generations to the conservation of Manas in respect with Global perspective. Through this activities, we would like to send solidarity message for conservation of wildlife, its habitat and awareness about illegal trade. Manas is the hub of several threatened species and we must conserve this pristine habitat for greater interest. '

We invited local schools students, teachers, tourist, businessmen, park officials and common villagers to participate the special wildlife exposure and cleanliness drive activities from the tourist circuit of Manas. Cleanliness drive is a symbolic activity. Through this activity, we convey our message to everyone that maintain the sanctity of Manas and all other natural areas from human litters. We have carried out this activity for last one decade and since 2013 we arrange it on the occasion of World Wildlife Day. 
Nature Activity at Indian Bhutan International Boundary of Manas 
This program is designed in such a way that people can involve themselves in conservation activities directly.  Every year we assembled in front of Manas National Park entry point for formally inaugurate the event. Senior park officials of Manas inaugurate this event and participated. Later on, all participants participate wildlife exposure and symbolic cleanliness drive in the tourist circuit of Manas. We also convey our gratitude to our forest guards for the protection of Manas despite lots of difficulty and shortcoming. 

This year about 70 people participated this event. The program was formally inaugurated by the deputy director of Manas Tiger Reserve. I spoke about the event and about WWD. Haramohan Barman, senior journalist was attended as a special guest.  Manas Ever Welfare Society, Smiling Tusker, MUSA, Jungle Jeep Safari Association, Barpeta Road Press Club and schools students participated in the day-long program. Four teams went inside via different tourist routes. They collected more than 100kg of solid wastes from the roadside and disposed  afterwards. 

Participants Entered National Park for Wildlife Exposure

I hope this effort may contribute to some extent for the conservation of Manas and extend our solidarity with the motto -United for Wildlife. 

Love Manas and Save Manas for Humankind


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