Beautiful Birds Of Manas ::White Winged Wood Duck

White Winged Wood Duck Deep Inside Forest (Image_Jugal Bharali)

White Winged Wood Duck (Cairina scutulata) is the State Bird of Assam. It is one of the most threatened species in the world. It was widely distributed across the north-east India and South East Asia. But now few hundred survived in the wild of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

It is commonly located in Nameri National Park of Assam. It was discovered in Manas in the year 2006 by Anuwarddin Choudhury deep inside the jungle. This discovery signifies uniqueness of avifauna habitats of Manas .

It is commonly called as 'Ghost Bird' because of its unique 'Call'. In Assamese, it is called as 'Deo Hans' or 'Sprit Duck'. Many horror stories associated with this duck. 

It mostly resides in the dense tropical evergreen forest and known to prefer inaccessible swampy areas formed by numerous rivers, streams etc. It is a Crepuscular bird as it is most active at dusk and dawn. Adults are largely omnivorous. It loves shades and spends most of the day in secluded jungle pools, occasionally perching on the tree during the day.

The sexes are more or less alike. Tha male having more gloss on the plumage and being much larger and heavier.The duck is generally found is pairs or in small parties.

The severe decline in the duck's population is largely attributed to the destruction. degradation and disturbance of riverine habitats including loss of riparian forest corridor. Climate change may also affect their habitat. It is time to provide proper care and support to conserve its habitats. Otherwise, it would extinct silently very soon. 

So join hand to conserve this  Critically Threatened Birds of Assam.