Initial Days:: One Glorious Decade at Manas National Park

I have completed one decade at Manas National Park. I am hereby sharing some glimses of experience from initial days.....

                              Tracking Rhinos with Other Field Staff at Manas

It is very difficult task to track reintroduced animal in a novel environment. Moreover,  if animal released in a dense grassland habitat like Manas NP, Assam, India. Grassland habitat covered approximately  44% area  of Manas NP and Which is more suitable  for large herbivores like Rhino, Elephant etc.

                               Released Rhinos at Manas National Park
 First two male rhinos were introduced in Manas NP on 12th April,2008. I still feel reverberation of  first two released rhino's joyous moment at Manas NP.  After release everybody left. I was than main technical person to track those two odd rhinos within 500 square km area.  During that time hardly 1% of frontline staff had knowledge of rhino behavior and nobody knows telemetry system. So it was great challenge ahead of me to teach each forest guards about rhino's behavior, radio-telemetry system as well as rhino identification methods.                                  
But they were very reluctant to learn as because I was younger than them and not a forest officer. I started journey early in the morning inside park and returned late afternoon and sometime at night in to our camp which was 22 km away from Manas NP.  Sometime I requested forest staff to prepare my lunch at their camp's kitchens  but hardly anyone agreed to  accept my request . So sometime I had to returned with empty stomach till I reached bazaar area.                                  

  Although it was very tedious process  but I never gave up. I shared radio-tracked movement of rhinos every week  along with their photographs. Sometime I kept tracking rhinos till midnight with guards, shared my dry fruits and biscuits with hungry guards and last drop of my drinking water . Gradually, frontline staff  felt my importance among them. They showed interest to rhino and tracking process. But it took more than 2 years to accept me and entire process.
Such many more experience I would like to share with you near future.
Rhino Monitoring Team Ready to Went for Search Operation