Swamp Francolin::Threatened Grassland Bird of Manas

A Swamp Francolin Charfuli Area of (Bansbari)

Swamp Francolin (Francolinus gularis)  is common birds of  Manas grasslands. This vulnerable birds can be observed all part of Manas even outside the protected areas. Crackling call (qua-qua-qua.....) of swamp francolin may create extraordinary pleasure silent evening in the Kuribeel, Charfuli, Rupahi and many other areas of Manas. It is large sized with comparatively long legs, the sexes are alike plumage. The upper plumage is brown barred with buff, and the outer tail feathers chestnut, but throat is bright rust-red, and the rest of the upper parts brown longitudinally streaked with white. The bill is blackish, eyes dark and the feet dull red.  Roosted in thorny trees and builds its nest with grass and weeds and laid 4-6 eggs. 
Manas is one of the strongholds for this threatened bird. Proper protection, scientific management of grassland habitat may provide secure future to this species.
Love Manas and Save Manas for All.................!!!!!
Beautiful Grassland of Kanchanbari (Bhuyanpara range)