River Beki:: The Life Line of Manas NP

River Beki is now lifeline of the Manas National Park, World Heritage Site. Fringe villagers love the river Beki as it gives sustenance to them various ways. Though flood, erosion is the problem certain river-dependent flocks but they never left their river banks. They collect firewood, sand, pebbles, fish and much more. 

During winter some farmer cultivated different vegetable in the fertile sand bars and islands of river Beki. They mainly collected firewood during the summer season. Firewood collection from the midst of fast flowing river is one of the dangeros activities. The collection of fish is the regular activity. They mainly catch fish for their own consumption. Commercial catching is not possible in the river Beki.  

This river plays as creator and destroyer role in entire catchment areas as well as Manas. Lack of proper management it may affect the habitat of Manas. Therefore proper management of water resources utmost necessary for River Beki.