The Elephant::Concern on Conservation

 I love the elephant. But  I am more concern on future of majestic animal in the world. Poaching, habitat fragmentation, encroachment in their habitat, conflict with the human now the major cause of concern for the future survival of elephant.There is very limited discussion happened among the limited section of people on elephant conservation. Since past elephant concerned people have been indicating different issues on elephant conservation but yet to solve one of them. There are numerous researcher and research institute but minimum applicable research on elephant conservation on its ground. Sometimes personal 'ego', more conservative nature of research work hardly linked to real ground work. The elephant population in Assam and India under severe stress. The captive ones are jobless due to changes in te made transport and lifestyle of people. The ones in the wild are also no better off, as the forest shrinking (Mark Shand). 

                     This animal has much more cultural linkages on Indian subcontinent then other wild animals. It was featured on different mythological, historical literature and also on much recent contemporary work. Many elephant owners keep their elephant on illegal activities like logging inside the deep forest. But this is being declined as shrinkages of the forest, educated new generation declination to do such hardship with the elephant. 
                      It is high time to find out some practical solution for the conservation of this animal. Instead of this, we will lose 90% of its population another twenty years.