Royal Manas National Park::The Nature Paradise of Bhutan

A panoramic view of Royal Manas National Park Bhutan from India side

Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) is oldest protected areas of Bhutan. It was established as Game Sanctuary and finally Wildlife Sanctuary in the early sixties. It was declared as National Park in the year 1993.Royal Manas National Park is the contiguous habitat of India's Manas National Park. Pristine natural landscape encompasses total 1057 square kilometer with core areas of 653 square kilometers. Royal Manas National Park is one of the most potential tourism prospect areas among Transboundary Manas (TraMCA) Conservation Areas.

The Beautiful natural landscape of Royal Manas inhabits many globally significant wildlife species. The Park has so far recorded (till 2015) mammals (65sps); birds (486 sp);  Herpetofauna (32 sp); Fishes (69sp) & Butterfly (181 sp).

Climate almost similar with Indian Manas areas. It is moist subtropical to cool temperature. Mean annual rainfall 200mm to 4400mm. Average temperature 25- 40degreese celsius. Elevation ranges from 97 to 2714 masl.
Vegetation types: Tropical monsoon forestd(<500m); Subtropical forests (500-1000m); warm borad leaved forests (1000-2000m); Cool broad leaved forests (2000-2714m).
Transboundary Manas Conservation Areas (India and Bhutan) including RMNP

Royal Manas National Park has vast potential for nature tourism. Lots of mountain biker recently visited Bhutan and adjoining areas of RMNP to enjoy Mountain Biking, Wild Trekking, Hot spring bath and much more. 

Serpentine River Manas flowing through to RMNP 

There are 1183 households of which 686 are in multiple use zones and 497 are in buffer zones. The total population of people is 8936 where 5331 live in multiple use zones and 3605 live in the buffer zone The local communities offer following services to tourist.
Ecolodges facilities- Gomphu, Pantang, Shiilingtoe, Panbang and Norbugang.Tourist can enjoy delicious ethnic foods in these lodges. Some trained nature and bird guides available on demand. The River Guides of Panbang offer Whiter water rafting, fly fishing etc. There are much scopes to enjoy local culture, tradition, and handicraft.

Tourist can reach Royal Manas National Park from India side or from Bhutan. From Gopinath Bordoli Airport, Guwahati, Assam need about 4 hours to reach Royal Manas NP. From Barpeta Road Railway Station is about 44km distance.
In Bhutan there are following routes available - Gelephuto Manas via Tingtibi, Gomphu, Pantangand Panbang (Total Distance 200km)

Zhemgangto Manas via Tingtibi and Panbang (total ditance 150km) from Nanglam to Manas via Panbang (Distance 68km)
Wild Bison at RMNP

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