Wild Tech Idea

Human-Wildlife Conflict mainly conflicts with the wild elephant is now major issues in Asian wild elephant ranging areas. Both human and wild elephants life lost as result of the conflict. Thousand hacters of crop damage due to elephant raid. So this is now a burning issue.

Different Therefore conservation agencies undertook much research on reducing this conflict to save elephant as well as human life and its property. 

In Assam, WWF-India has been promoting very effective and technologically efficient Low-Cost Solar Electric Fence. This is very cheap and need not require much investment. I herewith present simple infographic for all of my readers. 

We have used the similar model in Manas NP and got the significant result to control human-elephant as well as human-rhino conflict.

This fence is now helping many poor farmers from elephant raids and their life and property. In Poba Reserve, Jonai I have observed that people economic conditions have been improved after installation of this fence. I hope this model may reduce all of the conflict-prone areas and improve their living conditions