Scaly Breasted Munia :: A Social Bird of Manas

This is very common grassland birds in Manas. Summer season is very common sighting nearby second gate areas of Bansbari, Bhuyanpara and Panbari range. This is highly social birds and moved together (flocks) as many as 100 numbers. Sometimes they swamp nearby crop field adjoin fringe villages for forage. 

This sparrow sized bird native and endemic to tropical Asia.Lonchura punctulata is the scientific name of the species.This bird is listed as of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN). Its name base on the scale like feather marking on the breast and belly. The adult is brown above and has a conical bill. This species has eleven (11) subspecies with different sizes and color.   It has been introduced into many other parts of the earth and flourishes their population.
The breeding season of bird is during summer mainly rainy season. Humidity, long day illumination may influence on the gonadal growth of birds.Manas is one of the suitable habitats for their population growth. They hatch 4-6 eggs but can contain up to 10 eggs on their nest. Both sexes build the dome shaped nest with grass blades and bamboo leaves. Both male and female involved in eggs incubation process. They attain maturity as early as 7 months. They have the typical life expectancy of 6-8 years.  

Lets visit Manas and enjoy unique birds life .