Black Breasted Parrot Bill:: Rare- Threatened Birds of Manas

Black Breasted Parrot Bill (Paradoxornis flavirostris) recently recorded by Sukleswar Nath (Hoko)  on 18th January 2017 at Manas National Park. It is a very rare threatened bird and listed as vulnerable due to the small population.It is small bird about 19cm long thick billed parrot bill with black patches on the head sides and throats. According to Bird Life International population size of Parrot bill is rapidly decreasing due to the wide destruction of its habitat.

At present, Parrot bill population size is estimated from1500-7000 all over the world (BirdLife International). IUCN assessed Parrot Bill as 'vulnerable' category. 
This rare bird sighting and stable population size seem to be great information for all conservation front of Manas. This is also indicated the improvement of grassland habitat of Manas. According to Bird Life International, Parrot Bill was not recorded in Manas during the year 2001,2009.  Dr. Anuwardin Choudhury had reported parrot bill on 26th May 2007 in Bhuynapara range of Manas. At present Parrot bill sighting almost sure in Manas. Charfuli in Bansbari range and Kanchanbari, Makhibaha in Bhuyanpara range are some of  Parrot Bill sighting areas. Proper grassland management in Manas able to provide secure future for this threatened bird of World.