Hooded Pitta:: Beautiful Territorial Bird of Manas

                                                                                            Photo Hoko

Hooded Pitta (Pitta sardida) is one of the beautiful and small birds found in Manas. This is highly territorial birds and fights aggressively during breeding season with other Pitta's. The name 'Pitta'' comes from a word 'Small bird' in the Telegu Language spoken by people of Southeast India.

                                                                                                 Photo Hoko

They are more common nearby woodland areas of Manas. Latajhar, Dighaljhar, Sidhajhar, Panbarijhar area some common areas in this Park. It forages on the ground for insects and their larvae and also eats berries. Male and female almost identical.It breeds between February to August. Both male and female engaged in incubation and caring of theirs chick after hatching. 

                                                                                                Photo Hoko

Due to habitat loss, their number has been reducing gradually all over the world. But its population yet to face a major threat. IUCN has assessed its conservation status as being least concern.  
Love Birds and do contribute to the conservation of Manas. 


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