Steppe Eagle:: Endangered Migratory Bird at Manas

Steppe Eagle (Aquila nilalensis) is one of the endangered bird visited during winter at Manas NP. It is the large eagle with brown upper parts and balkish feather, tail and pale throat. The call of a Steppe Eagle sounds like a crow but it is rather a silent bird.

The Steppe Eagle diet is largely fresh carrion but it kills rodents, other small mammals up to the size of hare and bird up to the size of partridge. They have crop throat allowing it to store food for several hours before being moved to stomach.

This species has undergone extremely rapid population declines within its European range. Similar with vulture Steppe Eagles are adversely affected by the veterinary use of Diclofenac and may fall prey to it. Due to the rapid decline of its number IUCN declared his bird as endangered since the year 2015.

Steppe Eagle Raging Areas
Green- Breeding Area
Blue-Winter Visit Areas

The Steppe Eagle appears in the flag of Kazakhstan. The Eagle ha appeared flags of 'Kazakh' tribe for centuries and represent -freedom, power and flight to the future. 
National Flag of The Kazakhstan (with golden steppe eagle)

Let welcome endangered winter visitor to Manas and ensure better protection.