Visit Manas to Have Real Taste of Wilderness

                  Last week I was traveling inside Manas  with my official jeep. Weather was pleasant and a bit cool. Humidity was also less. Normally, elephant movement are rare in the grassland areas of Manas during this retreating monsoon season. But on that day one mother elephant with her two calves blocked my way towards Matahnguri (Site India and Bhutan Border).  Calves were playing for about half and hour. I enjoyed lot with their innocent play. They even not care about my presence just 500m away on the same road. They open up my road after and I finally reached my destination. On return journey I felt same elephant trumpet same location. They probably said goodbye me for that night. Happy to have such experiences everyday in my life. 
Manas is now open for tourist. Please visit here and get taste of real wilderness.


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