The Active Flycatcher of Manas

The Grey-headed Canary-flycatcher is a popular small flycatcher in Manas. It is observed all across the Manas landscape. They are the common bird who mixed with other flycatchers to forage. The grey-headed canary flycatcher is sometimes known as grey-headed flycatcher ( Culicicapa ceylonensis). 

It is about 12-13 cm long with a squarish grey head, canary yellow belly. They forage very actively and perches in a very upright posture. The sexes are indistinguishable in plumage. They have flat bill

Across their range, populations differ in the shades of the clours and very slightly in dimensions and several of these species have been designated as subspecies.

They are very active and noisy throughout the foraging at all level of the forest. A pair may forage together and they will often join mixed-species foraging flocks. The nest, built by the female alone. According to IUCN they are Least Concern Category of Species.