Birding a Rewarding and Healthy Pursuit of Conservation

Bird watching or birding is very rewarding and healthy pursuit. As it gives chances to spend our time outdoors for long periods amidst greenery which is certainly good for health. Birding may sharpen senses of sight and hearing. For birding one birder needs to walk and trek to forested areas experiencing plenty of exercise for health and mind.

Birding is not only a hobby. If nurtured scientifically, birding can give a good understanding of nature and wildlife. This practice may build a base for future naturalists and conservationists. Some of the great naturalists started their career as the bird watcher.

 According to a forestes, "Bird watching and nature trekking are given us simplest pleasure which is a genuine appreciation of our natural world. It offers close contact with the animal as give chance to understand their personalities. Even common birds in our backyard can teach us much about our biodiversity. So understanding behavior, feeding pattern of birds is utmost necessary to take appropriate measures for conservation in particular habitat".

Bird migration is one of the unique characteristics and as it raises much curiosity since past. Recently I have attended one scientific lecture at the Tezpur University of Assam where one researcher explained that rising height of Himalayas may distract some high flying birds migration routes.  As such birding may offer plenty of option to learn nature, community interactions complex group dynamics. 

Some guidance for budding bird watchers

Birdwatching sites

Let's start birding from your nearby your backyards. Observation of common birds behavior may help to improve birding skills and that would help to encounter other birds species later on.

Note down what you see

Birder should note down all types of bird watching information as per convenience. Information must include date, time, weather condition, location, type of habitat and species information.

Basic Birding equipment

Ears and eyes are the primary equipment for birding. Patience is a must have virtue for birding. Once experienced, birder may invest to buy a good binocular( basic spec.8X40) and the good camera. Binoculars are used to observe birds from a distance and cameras are handy to take photographic evidence for future records. 

Birding Guide

There are lots of field guidebooks available in the market.  Field guide should be compact and easy to carry. Virtual guidebook with picture and sounds may also help to identify birds properly at the site.