The Person Who Love Rhino

Lankeswar Lahkar

Some people are very fortunate who love’s nature and ideally spent with wildlife complete life and final set of the journey (!) also happened inside nature. Such people treat each individual of the wild animal as their own family member. I met limited forest person who was unique and extraordinary in his work. Lankeswar Lahkar was such a person who loves each rhino of Manas as his own family member. He was as simple as nature. The person who contributed the lot to the rebuilding of Manas.

I met Lahkar since I have started work at Manas. He was based at Rhino Camp near Bansbari range of Manas National Park. He was basically responsible for protection and observation of rehabilitated rhinos inside rhino Boma area after introduction. So obviously he had the close association with these group of rhinos. He described every one rhinos’ status properly whenever I have visited his camp. He followed every point of instruction carefully even endeavor to learn new things properly. He always discussed only on ‘duty’ and never gossiped his seniors as many of his colleagues. I always enjoyed his company with a cup of black tea with biscuits and slice of beetle nut he used to chew all the moment. Sometimes he offered me to listen to traditional Bihu song from his simple cell phone. It is very difficult for me to believe how a Rhino lover, as well as protector inside difficult terrain of Manas, was killed by one of his beloved species. 
Moment when he tries to learn new skill

On 17th December last Lahkar was coming to weekly market to buy ration for the week. He started his final journey with his old bicycle. He was confident enough to ride a bicycle with one of his colleagues. They were planned to buy meat for the special Sunday lunch.  They took rhino camp to weekly market through Mahout camp road. This camp was vacated because of regular disturbance of one Rehabilitated rhino known as ‘Raja’. Lahkar and his colleague just arrived at Mahout camp then all of a sudden Raja rhino chased them and hit directly to Lahkar. Lahkar fell down so rhino continuously hit him until he died on the spot. Another colleague saved himself by climbing a tree. Within a few minutes rescuer team arrived at that spot but unfortunately, Lahkar died.
Lahkar with other colleagues in Kuribeel camps of Manas NP

It was very unfortunate and sorrowful incident for us. Now we have only beautiful memories. May his soul rest on eternal peace.


  1. You are absolutely right about very few people fortunate enough to love the work they do. Moreover, spending his entire life in manas and loving the species he was protecting. It is indeed rare. It must have difficult to accept that person you shared memorable moments is no more. But, surely he would be somewhere peaceful now.
    Thank you for sharing..


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