Empowering Women for Conservation of Manas

Women make up the backbone of  Bodo society. Traditionally, women front took part equal role in agriculture workforce to grow food for their own family and also to feed others. However, the status of women in the fringe of Manas National Park, as well as entire Baska district of Bodoland Territorial Council, is not satisfactory. Similar to other underdeveloped regions of the country, where women received the less formal education than male and at the same time women own knowledge, abilities and coping mechanism go unrecognized and unnoticed.

In the Baska district of Bodoland Territorial Council, women shared only 53.4% literacy rate than male 67%. To achieve the change of women status in Bodoland require better policy and proper programme actions that will improve women access's to secure livelihood and economic resources, alleviate their extreme responsibilities with regards to housework, legal impediments to participate in public life and raise social awareness through the effective programme of education and mass communication.

Education is the most powerful means of empowering women with the knowledge and skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process. Besides, it is most important to adopt appropriate measures to improve the ability to earn income beyond traditional occupations, achieve economic self-reliance and boost of the social security system. 

We have focussed on different activities to empower women last one decade. Education, skilled development programme to earn the livelihood, social and health awareness are the prime activities. Though these small-scale activities not enough to achieve much, however, we want to promote best ideal practices to our society. We have been tirelessly working for the conservation of Manas. We hope our small effort may help women to raise their voice not only for themselves but for the conservation of Manas.