Involvement of New Generation Towards Nature Conservation

An ounce of practice is worth more than tonnes of preaching (M.K Gandhi)
Some small actions of positive practices are crucial for the well-being of our lonely planet. Children are considered as assets of our society. But regional remoteness, the socio-economic condition has created much disparity between balanced and equal development. But to inherit a safe and clean planet to live on there is must necessary to do some action. No matter how bigger is our work but the positive impact of small actions have the capacity to create an ideal environment for living.
In the verse of population explosion, we have not enough resources and provisions for feeding, housing, education and employment to all. So, natural resources have got tremendous pressure from the human population. Therefore, the basic human value “Nature for man” become changing to “Man in Nature”. Environmental education, by means of regular awareness by integrating our social, cultural and religious value can create a sense of earth citizenship. By considering socio-cultural, ethical, spiritual value we are trying to promote earth centric value to young generations in remote corners of our states. From the first day of 2017 to propagate this mission extensively in the fringe of major protected areas of Assam and will try to create young nature ambassador for future generation. Hope you all provide support to the ultimate success of our goal.