Black Crested Bulbul:: Sweet Singer

Photo Hoko

The black crested bulbul (Pycnontus flaviventris) is a Passerine bird and also a member of common bulbul. They can make very sweet song unlike the harsh note of common bulbul. They like to live in dense as well as scrub dominated areas of Manas. Commonly sighted in Rhino camp, Latajhar, Panchmile, Buraburijhar, Sengmari, Kalpani, Gabharukhunda, Sidhajhar and Magurmari areas of Manas. However, it can be located all over the Manas. Breeding season from May-June.
The plumage of both male-female is alike only young one a bit dull color. Head is black and other parts of the body have differentiated yellow plumage. They commonly laid 2-4 eggs in a small nest built in scrub or bushes. They are found all over their ranges from Nepal, Northern, and Eastern India to Southern China and Central China. The population is not in the threatening situation and IUCN red list include  this species in the least concern category.
Manas is home of the beautiful bird and your contribution for the conservation of Manas may give secured future for this birds along with other wildlife.
Love Manas and Save for Humankind.