The Non Parasitic Cuckoo:: The Lesser Coucal

A juvenile lesser coucal           
The lesser coucal (Centropus bengalensis ) is a species of cuckoo in family Cuculidae. It is very close species of common black cuckoo but non- parasitic. They are commonly located in the grassland or swamp areas of Manas. Commonly sighted in front of New Buraburi, Kuribeel, Rupahi, Kanchanbari Bhuynapara and Bhatghali areas of Manas. It is distinguished by smaller size, less prominent bill, pale shaft streaks on the feathers of the head.

It is not an agile bird. It has much longer claws on its hind toe and distinct call. They have seasonal plumage differences but it is very difficult to distinguished male and female at the field site. The juvenile has black spots bars and has a browner color.
Let's conserve Manas for the secure future of this beautiful creatures.